Nikzad Arabshahi


(2018) Autogenesis (Generative art)

Autogenesis is a type of generative art project in which the viewer experiences the modeled system of the artist’s mind and a range of variations among the three situations (order, complexity, and disorder) of visual and audio artwork. To design the algorithms of Autogenesis core system, the data from the Artist’s physical and mental patterns while painting and drawing are utilized and a simulator model of his method is generated by automatic coding software. Therefore, what is depicted before the observer is the result of a generative system creating the final image and terminal sound autonomously in real time.

The visual concept of this artwork is in the continuum of the artist’s previous works, an intertwined of painting, drawing and sound design. Instead of being a constant image as one of “moment” and a possibility among artist’s endless mental possibilities, in this procedure, the artwork is a visual and audio improvisation synthesizing “visual-Sound” variable possibilities and generating a consecutive combination of them. In this situation, the artwork has no definite start point and nor can be an endpoint put to it. Not a moment before is recorded anywhere but in the viewer’s memory and neither a moment afterward is predictable. To that end, it can be stated that the artwork is more of a reflection of the artist’s thought mirroring on the wall of the pavilion than merely an objective piece of art. The point is to experience coexisting with a dynamic artwork and thinking of a world of possibilities of Sounds and images that being created at any moment in front of viewers

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