Nikzad Arabshahi


(2013) Neurosis performance and Chlordiazepoxide Exhibition

Neurosis includes a collection of mental disorders that have not yet reached the level that require the patient to start seeking serious and intensive help and treatment of psychologists. Confusion and stress in their different shapes and forms, hidden and apparent, are among the most important and common factors that cause neurosis. Culture and the way human relations are treated in the contemporary societies inevitably increase the level of stress generation in every single person of that society. Thus, neurosis could be considered a public problem and the slope of its curve is rising with the passage of time. But to combat this situation, humankind has always been searching for peace and tranquility. It is not unexpected then that contemporary human beings in such situations, to avoid or even deny their internal stress, grasp in temporary solutions like taking tranquilizer drugs such as Chlordiazepoxide so they can reach a kind of peace mixed with oblivion and carelessness.

Sound Design & Perform by: Javad Safari

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