Nikzad Arabshahi


(2016) Refactor project - Exhibition

After series of painting exhibition, for Nikzad Arabshahi, the basic idea behind visuals of this project is to reconstruct his painting in real-time through computer rendering in a generative algorithmic composition. All of these algorithms are implemented by Nikzad Arabshahi in Derivative Touchdesigner. Refactor is culmination of his earlier painting projects such as (Eraser collection – 2013) and (Chlordiazepoxide collection – 2011), that is now transformed into this generative art project. For this mean, various sensors like Kinect, Leapmotion, EEG, Myo and Wacom have been installed in his studio capturing his hand’s physical movements and different ways he uses both physical painting brushes as well as virtual brushes in digital painting for two consecutive weeks. Analysis of these bundles of data led to design of Touchdesign modules imitating his behaviours. After this, charts of materials science & technical application of Acrylic paint has been employed for modelling and simulating painting techniques like Impasto, Glazing, wet on wet, brushwork, etc. The outcome of this simulation is visual elements and units in the form of lines, shapes and marks, but for assembling these outcomes into meaningful shapes and patterns another layer of local compositional algorithm for data is devised, at this point a network of modules is working in such way to build a meaningful texture. After this, at the final stage, another compositional algorithm for general composition of the whole picture is added. This network is condensed and becomes a drawing engine. Five of these simulation engines are used for reaching the final picture.

Visual design: Nikzad Arabshahi, Sound design: Vedad Famourzadeh, Place: Iran Shahr Art Gallery, Sponsor by: Mojdeh Gallery (Mojdeh Tabatabaee), Year: dec 2016

REFACTOR - (Audio-Visual Installation) - Nikzad Arabshahi -Vedad FamourZadeh - Mojdeh Art Gallery + Iranshahr Art Gallery

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